This worship music will bring you into the presence of God.

Julie True – Worship and Soaking Music

Peaceful Moments of Worship

Misty Edwards Worship Music

Worship Music – Soaking

Top 100 Praise and Worship Songs for 2014

Top 50 Praise and Worship for 2015

Ruth Fazal Meditation Prayer Music

Ruth Fazal Worship and Soaking Music

7 Hours of Non-stop Uplifting Christian Music

2 Hours of Worship and Praise

Top 20 Worship and Praise Songs

An Hour of Peaceful Instrumental Hymns

7 Hours of Non-stop Uplifting Christian Music

51 Instrumental Hymns (relaxing)

Peaceful Moments of Worship

The Breaking – Instrumental Prayer, Worship & Soaking Music

Healing with Scriptures and Soaking

Prophetic Soaking/Intercession

100 Praise & Worship Songs 2014

50 Healing Verses – Soothing Music

365 Names of God

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